Salad Dressings (Friday)

Servings: 12oz
Kitchen Time: Ready to Dress!


This is your chance to grab your favorite Kitchen & Market dressings - choose your favorite(s) and instantly up your salad game at home!
  • Blue Cheese – the best of both worlds! This is great for dressing or dipping (we love it with wings or veggies) and is great for those that can't decide between ranch dressing or blue cheese or just those that prefer a lighter blue cheese dressing! (allergens: milk, eggs, soy)
  • Creamy Jalapeño – perfect when used to make a quick coleslaw (just add shredded cabbage) or on a taco salad. (allergens: eggs, soy)
  • Fabulous Ranch – the name says it all! Dip, dressing, sauce, you can't go wrong. And if you're like our dear friend Rachel, a day isn't complete without ranch! (allergens: milk, eggs, soy)
  • Lemony Caesar - our twist on the classic with plenty of fresh lemon! (allergens: milk, eggs)
  • Red Wine Vinaigrette - your everyday-works-on-everything dressing. Just six ingredients (and that's counting the salt & pepper!) - this is our go-to dressing. (allergens: none!)
  • San Juan Island - a little bit creamy vinaigrette, a little bit thousand island dressing - a customer favorite! (allergens: eggs, soy)
  • Citronette - with champagne vinegar, fresh juice, and orange zest - yum! (allergens: none!)
  • Mustard Vinaigrette - the classic vinaigrette that pairs with all salads and will become your go-to in the kitchen – and it’s packed with irresistible flavor! (allergens: none!)