Entrée Salads (Friday)

Serving Size: 1-2
Kitchen Time: Ready to Eat!
Allergens: See Below


This is your chance to grab your favorite Kitchen & Market entrée salads – choose your favorite(s) and instantly up your weekday lunches! These salads come ready-to-eat making them the perfect on-the-go lunch.

  • Greek Salad - our signature salad blend, cherry tomatoes, marinated chickpeas, feta, Kalamata olives, tzatziki, and our market vinaigrette. (allergens: milk)
  • Chicken Caesar Salad – our signature salad blend, roasted chicken breast, rustic croutons, cherry tomatoes, and our lemony caesar dressing. (allergens: milk, egg, wheat)
  • Kitchen (& Market) Sink Salad – our favorite "everything" salad all topped off with our San Juan Island dressing. (allergens: milk, eggs, soy)
  • Southwest Cobb Salad – our signature salad blend, roasted chicken, southwest corn salad, tomatoes, bacon, cotija cheese, pickled red onion, jalapeño and our creamy jalapeño dressing. (allergens: milk, egg)
  • THE Green Salad – our signature salad blend, parmesan flakes, cherry tomatoes and our market vinaigrette. (allergens: milk)