The Company

What is Kitchen & Market?

We are a female-founded business located right here in Seattle that aims to provide a simple-yet-delicious answer to everyone’s daily question: “what’s for dinner?”. We provide weekly meal kits for pick-up or delivery throughout the greater Seattle area and our first store will open this fall. You can learn more about our story here.

The Meals

What does my meal include?

All you’ll need on hand for making our kits are pantry basics: oil, salt, and pepper. Occasionally our recipes will call for butter or eggs but that’s generally the extent of it. Our meal kits come with sauces and seasonings already made for you and perfectly portioned ingredients to make cooking easier. We create everything, from scratch, each week. Think of us as your personal sous chefs; we prep everything “to the point of fun” so you can get straight into the cooking (and eating!).

What are these “pantry basics” you mention?

We can’t say enough good things about Maldon Flake Salt and fresh ground pepper for finishing dishes. We suggest using Diamond Kosher salt during cooking. Our favorite extra virgin olive oil is Lucini Everyday. And nope - these aren’t our sponsors. We’re sharing what we keep on our kitchen counters because we love these products and we think they’ll elevate your cooking, too.

How long does it take to prepare?

On average, our meals take 30-60 minutes to make. We provide shortcuts where it makes sense, but we also want you to enjoy the process and part of that is, cooking, tasting, and learning. Each of our meals includes a time estimate on it so you can make sure it fits into your schedule.

How many people do your kits feed?

Unless otherwise noted, our kits are designed for four generous portions (we really mean generous, we don’t want anyone to feel hungry after dinner!). Households of two will certainly have leftovers…and who doesn’t love leftovers?!

Is everything you sell organic?

We aim to provide the highest quality ingredients we can and choose organic whenever possible. Much of our eggs, dairy, grains, and produce is organic even when we don’t have the space to specifically call it out (those ingredient inserts are tiny!). And we choose local and seasonal produce whenever we can because we think supporting our local farmers is just as important as caring for the environment (in fact it goes hand in hand!) and it means our ingredients are as fresh as possible. Because fresh just tastes better.

Do you have anything that doesn't require cooking?

Yes! We realize not everyone is as excited about cooking as we are, so we have plenty of options that are ready to eat. These are indicated with kitchen time estimates and difficulty level. We also have plenty of grab and go lunch and dinner options available at our store. 


How does ordering work?

We currently offer delivery or pick-up once a week. All orders must be placed by midnight on Wednesdays for delivery or pick-up on Fridays. Our new menu is posted on Thursday morning.

Do I have to order every week?

No, we are not a subscription-based service. You can order as much or as little as you would like and can order however often you desire. We want cooking to be fun and on your schedule.

Can I gift this to someone?

We love when our food is given as a gift! We offer gift cards in any amount or you can select actual items to gift by placing an order for someone and having us deliver it, we just ask that you provide the gift recipient’s phone number in the notes of your order so we can send them a text that their order has been delivered.

Can I customize my meals for allergies/food preferences?

Not currently. Almost all of our meals provide a choice of protein and most meals consist of several dishes, so food preferences can be generally be accommodated when serving. We always note the common allergens and foods that can cause sensitivities on our ingredients list. But please note: all our food is prepared in a commercial kitchen on shared equipment that may have had contact with any or all of the major food allergens.

Delivery & Pickup

Can I pick up my order?

Yes, our pick-up location is at Pike Place Market – 1926 Pike Place and is available for pick-up on Fridays from 9-11am. We offer easy curbside pick-up. Simply choose the pick-up option when placing your order.

How is my food delivered?

We deliver on Fridays between 8:30am – 4:30pm. You will receive a confirmation email on Thursday with your delivery window range. Upon delivery, we will ring your doorbell and also send a text to the number included on your order letting you know that your Kitchen & Market goodies have been delivered. Kitchen & Market delivery drivers do not accept tips. The entire delivery fee is retained by the company. The company pays drivers equitable, livable wages. All orders are packaged in large shopping bags and kept cool in our van until delivered. Curious if you are in our delivery zone? Click here.

Do I have to be home when my food is delivered?

No, however, if you do not plan to be home during our delivery window, we ask that you either make arrangements with a friend or neighbor or leave a cooler out for your order. This will ensure everything stays fresh until you are able to put it away in your refrigerator.


Is your packaging sustainable?

We do our best to minimize our packaging as much as we can (thus you will find that we love to combine multiple produce items in the same bag) and make sure we use compostable and recyclable packaging as much as possible.

Do you reuse your glasses and jars?

Unfortunately, at this time, due to COVID, we can’t offer a bottle return. But until things are safe enough to reuse our jars and bottles, we have found that these are great to reuse at home! We will let everyone know as soon as we can offer this service.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please notify us as soon as possible if you need to cancel your order. We are a small operation and try our best to accommodate any changes. Feel free to contact us anytime.