Thanks to Kitchen & Market, we now have "family cooking night" - the kids actually enjoy helping (and sampling along the way!) and we're all always impressed by the outcome!
The salted caramel chocolate mousse did not get shared with our guests. I sampled it and then decided to save it and eat it all myself. Every. Single. Bite. 
My family has decided Kitchen & Market nights are the best nights. It makes me feel like I spent all day in the kitchen but in reality I just unpack my bag and get to cook this amazing meal without all the planning, shopping, and prepping!
This is the best roasted chicken I have ever had in my life.  And all I had to do was throw it in the oven - this has officially become a weekly staple for us.  Thank you, Kitchen & Market!
This is the meal kit service we've been looking for!  Easy recipes, delicious food, and we get to order as often as we like...finally!