Cacio e Pepe

Chef Ethan Stowell’s fresh pasta craftsmanship is on full display with this stunningly simple parmesan pasta flecked with lots of cracked pepper. Paired with a beet and arugula salad and marinated olives, you might as well be seated at his trattoria, Rione XIII.

Servings: 4
Kitchen Time: 15 minutes
Allergens: Milk, Eggs, Wheat
Pairs Great With: Cold Brew Tiramisu


Shopping List:

  • K&M X Ethan Stowell at Home Fresh Spaghetti
  • K&M Grated Parmesan
  • K&M Tuxedo Pepper Blend
  • K&M Ricotta Chèvre
  • K&M Marinated Beets
  • Arugula
  • K&M Marinated Olives 

Pantry items:

  • Salt
  • Butter (unsalted & salted works, season accordingly)


1) Bring a large pot of salted water (it should taste like the sea!) to a robust boil.

2) Smear the ricotta chèvre onto a serving plate and top with the arugula and beets, allowing their juices to dress the greens. Season with salt and pepper, set aside.

3) Add spaghetti to boiling water. This is fresh, artisanal pasta so we recommend cooking until al dente (a slightly chewy bite in the middle), we recommend checking after 4-5 minutes.

4) Meanwhile, place 2 Tbsp of butter, and half the parmesan into a large mixing bowl, then quickly whisk in 3/4 to 1 cup of pasta water to create a smooth sauce. Stir in a very generous pinch of tuxedo pepper blend.

5) When the pasta is ready, drain and quickly toss in the sauce to coat. Top with additional parmesan and more pepper, to taste.

6) Serve tableside with the beet salad and the marinated olives!


Written by Kitchen & Market