New Year Traditions

Kitchen & Market owner Stephanie has some fantastic New Years traditions to share!

  • I normally buy a big ham and make my own mustard brown sugar glaze but I think Allison Roman's Ham Dinner is perfect! To be honest, you really can’t go wrong with ham - so just get one on the table and don’t stress about it! Small crowd… try a ham steak!
  • Collard Greens: This recipe is fantastic! Since I'm already serving ham on the table, I don't toss any more in my greens... but some of our team members strongly disagree with me on this point - choose your own adventure!
  • Black eyed peas: cook frozen or soaked black eyed peas with some onion, diced bell pepper (any color works!), minced garlic and two bay leaves. Barely cover the peas with chicken stock and then simmer until very soft and tender.
  • Stewed tomatoes: are just fine right out of a can and I like to season with more salt and pepper to taste and add plenty of butter (probably 2 Tbs per small can of tomatoes). Or sauté some onion and fresh thyme in butter then add diced canned tomatoes and then season to taste with salt and pepper.
  • Soak it all up: our K&M Jasmine Rice is ready to reheat and our Southern Style Cornbread Mix is a real winner!
  • To finish: Our tropical Passion Fruit Pavlova is a festive way to toast the New Year with a bottle of bubbly!
Written by Kitchen & Market