Ginger Scallion Pork Chop

Our thick-cut Carlton Farms pork chops are seared in an Asian-inspired glaze and served alongside fluffy jasmine rice and charred veggies for this savory and colorful dinner for two.

Servings: 2
Kitchen Time: 35 minutes
Allergens: soy, sesame
Pairs Great With: Coconut Panna Cotta


Your kit includes: 

  • K&M Thick Cut Brined Pork Chops

  • K&M Ginger Scallion Sauce*

  • K&M Peppers & Onions

  • Broccoli
  • Scallions
  • K&M Jasmine Rice*

*Already made for you! 

Pantry Items: 

  • Olive Oil

  • Salt & Pepper


1) Preheat oven to 425°F.

2) Thinly slice the scallions at an angle and set aside for garnish. Cut the florets from the head of broccoli.

3) Toss the broccoli, peppers and onions with a drizzle of oil on a sheet pan. Season with salt and pepper. Roast the veggies in the oven until tender and a little charred, about 12-18 minutes.

4) Heat 1 Tbsp oil and half the ginger scallion sauce in a large oven safe pan over medium-high heat. Place the pork chops in pan and sear the first side for 3 minutes. Flip and place in oven (with the veggies) for an additional 5-8 minutes until the meat reaches 145ºF (for medium). Allow pork chops to rest for 3-5 minutes.

5) Pull the veggies out of the oven and drizzle with more of the sauce to taste for a quick glaze.

6) Warm the jasmine rice in the microwave with the lid askew until steamy.

7) Serve pork chops alongside the rice with a big helping of roasted veggies and scallions sprinkled on top!



K&M Ginger Scallion Sauce (tamari, rice vinegar, brown sugar, sesame oil, water, garlic, scallions, ginger), K&M Thick Cut Brined Pork Chops (carlton farm’s pork chops, sea salt, black pepper), K&M Peppers & Onions (red and yellow onion, red and yellow bell peppers), K&M Jasmine Rice (jasmine rice, grapeseed oil, sea salt).


Written by Kitchen & Market